Seal safari 2019

Monday, June 24th through Friday, August 23rd

In cooperation with Havets Hus in Lysekil, we offer you to go out in Lysekil's beautiful archipelago and see the harbour seals resting on the rocks. In addition to a guide to seals and marine life, you will also learn more about the surrounding landscape. The trip takes about 1.5 hours and is hopefully full of chubby seals, but guaranteed a beautiful and unique archipelago. This year we will be running on a much more environmentally friendly fuel than before, as a part of our long-term environmental initiative.


Daily departures at 2 pm from the quay outside Havets Hus, except between August 5th and 10th, when the seal safari is moved to Ångbåtskajen at Rosvik Square due to sailing competitions (Lysekil Women's Match).
The boat then departs at 2.10 pm.
Extra departures at 12 noon, Monday-Friday, between July 11th and August 2nd.


Tickets to the seal safari or a combination ticket (entrance to Havets Hus + seal safari) are sold at the Havets Hus reception. You can also pre-purchase tickets online up until 30 minutes before departure. You can do this on our website via the booking button below. Questions about tickets, call Havets Hus: +46 523 668161.

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Age Seal safari Combination ticket
Havets Hus & seal safari
Adult over 17 yr 235 SEK 315 SEK
Youth 5-17 yr 120 SEK 160 SEK
Child under 5 yr Free Free

We sell coffee, tea, cold beverages, cookies, potato chips, ice cream and some candy on board.

Cancellation policy

Rebooking or cancellation earlier than 24 hours before departure is free of charge. Less than 24 hours before departure, rebooking or cancellation is not possible. Paid tickets are then non-refundable. Rainy weather, queues for the car ferry or full parking spaces are therefore no valid reasons for rebooking or cancellation.

If someone in your travel company would get sick, contact Havets Hus. You need to show some form of medical certificate before repayment or rebooking.

If the trip is cancelled due to hard winds, high seas or technical malfunctions, you will be contacted and a cancellation or refund will be made free of charge.

Tips for the trip

Lysekil is a popular city in the summer, which means that there is a lot of traffic in circulation. The parking spaces will often be full and there will be queues at the car ferries across Gullmaren. A good tip is to plan to arrive in Lysekil in very good time. Use the parking lots outside the town, and use the shuttle bus in to the town centre.

Facts about the harbour seal

The harbor (or harbour) seal (Phoca vitulina), also known as the common seal, is a true seal found along temperate and Arctic marine coastlines of the Northern Hemisphere. Individual harbor seals possess a unique pattern of spots, either dark on a light background or light on a dark. They vary in color from brownish black to tan or grey; underparts are generally lighter. The body and flippers are short, heads are rounded. Nostrils appear distinctively V-shaped. As with other true seals, there is no pinna (ear flap). An ear canal may be visible behind the eye. Including the head and flippers, they may reach an adult length of 1.95 meters and a weight of 50 to 130 kg. Females are generally smaller than males.
Habitat and diet
Harbor seals prefer to frequent familiar resting sites. They may spend several days at sea and travel up to 50 kilometers in search of feeding grounds. Resting sites may be both rugged, rocky coasts, such as those of the Hebrides or the shorelines of New England, or sandy beaches. Harbor seals frequently congregate in harbors, sandy intertidal zones, and estuaries in pursuit of prey fish such as salmon, menhaden, anchovy, sea bass, herring, mackerel, cod, whiting and flatfish, and occasionally shrimp, crabs, mollusks and squid. Atlantic subspecies of either Europe or North America will also exploit deeper dwelling fish of the genus Ammodytes as a food source and Pacific subspecies have been recorded occasionally consuming fish of the genus Oncorhynchus. Although primarily coastal, dives to over 200 m have been recorded.

Previous seal safaris

Here are some pictures from our previous seal safaris.

Childish delight and super cute seals.

There can never be too many seals on a cliff.

Instagram friendly :-)

More seals but another cliff.