M/S Rania was built as an icebreaking military tug boat in 1945. Her name was then A324 Beckholmen. In 1971 she was rebuilt into a passenger ship. In 2013 she was bought by the shipping company Bohusläns Skärgårdstrafik AB, and they are using her for public transportations, wedding cruises and seal safaris in the archipelago of Bohuslän county.

M/S Rania is allowed to take on 88 passengers and it is possible to have 36 passengers sitting by tables in the salon. In 2016 we built a sun deck where 30 passengers are allowed to reside.

Rania from the outside

Some pictures with Rania seen from the outside.

On the way in from yet another seal safari.

On a cruise bound for Uddevalla.

Scene from STV:s criminal drama "Springfloden".

Wedding at Grundsund.

Rania from within

Some pictures with Rania seen from the inside.

The salon seen from the aft deck.

The salon with the aft deck in the background.

The salon seen from the stern and forward.

The aft deck.