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Choose the most beautiful way through our archipelago. Join a seal safari with us. Why not book your own cruise for the wedding, corporate party or 50-year-old. We can help you to adjust menu suggestions, guide and live music on board. This year we will be running on a much more environmentally friendly fuel than before, as a part of our long-term environmental initiative.


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Below this link you will find up-to-date information about our popular seal safari, such as departures, ticket bookings and prices.

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Rent our ship for transportation between the wedding and the party. It's an appreciated activity, for example, enjoying snacks and bubbles in a beautiful archipelago, awaiting tonight's wedding celebrations.


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Bohusläns Skärgårdstrafik AB
P.O. Box 79
S-451 15 Uddevalla
Tel.: +46 522 13220
Bohusläns Skärgårdstrafik AB

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