Rent our ship and arrange an unforgettable cruise. We will help you with catering, or you can bring your own food and drinks. Perfect for activities as:


A romanic cruise between the wedding ceremony and the party. Small appetizers and some bubbles tastes marvellous on board.


A lovely excursion with the company staff or a kick-off to really get to know your collegues. Have some snacks and something nice to drink, or let us guide you through your own private seal safari.


Usually a three hour cruise with a buffet, seafood, tapas and your own drinks. A delicius dessert with freshly brewed coffee. Bring your own troubadour or guide and the cruise will be an unforgettable voyage.

Basic prices

Renting m/s Rania will cost you 4,000 SEk an hour, minimum fee 2 hours. We will give you a 15% discount when the ship running without passengers (to and from the pickup/departure site). Maximum number of passengers on board m/s Rania is 88. 36 of these passengers can sit in front of tables in the salon.

This is only suggestions, feel free to be inspired, and ask us for your special trip.

Some activities

A few pictures from our chartered trips.


United in wedding.

Chartered for a TV series.

Nice views on the ocean.

Cruising along.

Yet another movie set.

Party time.

View from the sun deck.